This software allows you to play AY-3-8912 Spectrum tunes through the SB, output can be up to 44Khz, you can also output the sound to a VOC file. Stereo is only guarantees to go up to 22Khz. It's a bit like SIDPlay (or PlaySID) in operation. This program is for DOS, uses non-portable assembly code (for some parts) and is proud of it!

AYPlay requires a SB 2.0 or above, although a SB 2.0 will not be able to go above 22Khz. A 486 can handle up to 44Khz, maybe a 386? If the PC is too slow, then fuzz and crackle will creep into the tune, try using a lower sampling rate.

The tunes that this can play are those that are used on the Amiga's DeliAY, part of the DELI-Tracker. Also only files of the type ZXAYEMUL and extension .AY will work.



The following files are available for download. Note that AYPlay requires the DOS/4GW extender, which is supplied separately - if you don't already have it, download and uncompress it to the same directory as AYPlay or somewhere in the path.

[Copy] AYPlay (DOS) v0.2 (75,083 bytes)
[Copy] DOS/4GW runtime v1.97 (143,699 bytes)
[Copy] AY tunes


I am normally happy to answer any questions, although please don't send:

  • Questions already answered in the documentation (read it first!)
  • Requests for games
  • Requests for solutions to games
  • Very basic emulation questions
  • Binaries without asking me first

Signed, James McKay

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