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X128 is a Spectrum 48/128/+2/+2A/+3/Pentagon/Scorpion emulator, originally developed as part of my University Honours project.
For a full description of the emulation features, I recommend you read the latest X128 text file.


V0.94 Improvements: [03/09/02] Only the Soundblaster version is updated. I'll do an Adlib version if demand dictates it.


The following files are available for download. Note that X128 v0.93 for DOS requires the DOS/4GW extender, which is supplied separately - if you don't already have it, download and uncompress it to the same directory as X128.

[Copy] [UPDATED!] X128 (DOS/SB SAOM Version) v0.94 (231,433 bytes)
This is the SAOM (Special Audio Output Mode) version, which uses the SB to produce excellent quality sound, including the 48K internal speaker and AY speech.
If you have quite a fast machine, this is the version for you, but even if not you should try this one first anyway! If you download it and find you can't get it playing the sound well even with frame skipping, you can try the Adlib version below, which is like older versions of X128.
[Copy] X128 (DOS/Adlib Version) v0.93 (167,909 bytes, not updated!)
Try this version if the above one fails on you. This one is more like the older versions of X128.
[Copy] X128 ROMS (204,075 bytes)
You need these to run the emulator. Delivered separately since v0.9.
If you already copied these earlier, an update package for the v0.94 addition is available too.
[Copy] X128 (Unix) v0.5 (121,968 bytes)
Note: the Unix/X version is currently not being developed further.
[Copy] X128 Source Code v0.5 (58Kb)
[Copy] DOS/4GW runtime v1.97 (143,699 bytes, not needed for v0.94)
[Copy] SLT Utilities (DOS) v0.61 (28Kb)


I am normally happy to answer any questions, although please don't send:

  • Questions already answered in the documentation (read it first!)
  • Requests for games
  • Requests for solutions to games
  • Very basic emulation questions
  • Binaries without asking me first

Signed, James McKay

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