Spectrum Betadisk / TR-DOS Disk Utilities

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The Russian Spectrum models use the TR-DOS disk operating system. As more and more emulators support this, it is time to convert your disks to emulator files.
Lots of utilities to work with Betadisk/TR-DOS images are available on the net, and this is just a small selection of them.
Erik Kunze wrote some of these (EMPTYTRD, HOB2TRD and TRD2HOB) for the Unix environment and they are included in the XZX distribution.

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  • Russian Font Driver
    Load this driver to be able to display the Russian characters in these utilities. [01/04/99]
  • ANADISK and Teledisk v2.23
    Handle real TR-DOS floppy disks on a PC, just as an MS-DOS floppy! It can also copy files across.
  • Plug-ins for FAR manager v1.5x and up, all by HalfElf:
    xTRD v0.9b allows you to open .TRD, .FDI and .TD0 images. [27/03/00]
    xSCL v0.1b allows you to open .SCL images. [27/03/00]
    xZXZIP v0.11b allows you to open Spectrum ZXZIP images. [27/03/00]
    xCreate v0.2b allows you to create .TRD, .FDI and .SCL images. [27/03/00]
    TDO decoder fix, which fixes some bugs and accelerates work woth packed TD0 images. [22/06/00]
    XiSD, adds support for the IS-DOS disk format, as well as the .FDI and .IMG formats. [18/07/00]
  • HOBETA v2.15 by SP-Cube Co.
    Handle real Betadisk floppy disks on a PC, with a Norton Commander-like shell.
  • EMPTYTRD by Igor Eged
    Creates an empty .TRD disk image file.
  • DISK2TRD by Igor Eged
    Dump a real TR-DOS floppy disk to a .TRD image file.
  • TRD2DISK by Igor Eged
    Dump a .TRD image back onto real TR-DOS floppy disk.
  • WRITETRD by Igor Eged
    Copy .TAP or raw binary files to a .TRD disk image file.
  • ZCOP
    Copy Hobeta files to and from .TRD disk images files.
  • HOB2TRD by Igor Eged
    Copy Hobeta files to a .TRD image file.
  • TRD2TAP by Igor Eged
    Copy files from a .TRD image file to a .TAP file
  • TDCVT v0.10 by Sergey Erokhin
    Converts .TD0 (teledisk) to .TRD/.FDI formats. [01/08/99]
  • AMD Copier v0.1 by Paul Pavlov
    Converts physical disks to .TRD/.SCL formats. [01/04/99]
  • ZX Spectrum Navigator v1.13 by RomanRoms Software Co.
    Superb GUI to deal with the filetypes .TRD, .FDI, .FDD, .SCL, .TAP and .SCR files [22/06/00]
  • Floppy Disk Analyser v6.1 by MTC Medincom
    Excellent tool to deal with physical disks (fully cracked). [25/09/99]
  • SpecDOS v0.01 by Evgeny Barsky
    A TR-DOS disk formatter. [31/12/99]
  • SCL2TRD by Evgeny Barsky
    Converts .SCL and .$b (hobeta) images to cut-off .TRD images and creates a boot loader. [27/03/00]
  • TRDCUT 1.1 by Jaime Tejedor Gómez
    Trim trailing zeroes from TRD images to (often drastically) reduce the image size. [10/08/01]
  • Real Commander v2.0 by Real Software
    A TR-DOS file manager [08/09/01]
  • WinTRD v1.0 by Alexandr Medvedev
    A TR-DOS disk managing utility for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 [21/11/05]


  • ZX DOS
    A set of utilities to work with TRD images, copy to real disks, etc. [25/09/99]


  • The emulator Fuse, for Unix and Mac OS X, has “scl2trd” in the ‘additional utilities’ package.
  • BetaDisk Dump Extractor v1.7e from Hansoft.
    Available are versions for MS DOSWindows and Linux. [30/06/02]
  • HOB2SCL v1.0.0 by Matthew Westcott.
    A perl script that converts Hobeta files to SCL format. [18/01/04]
  • TRD2SCL v1.0.0 by Matthew Westcott.
    A perl script that converts Hobeta files to SCL format. [19/01/04]
  • [NEW!] TXDOS v1.0 by Flavio M. Matsumoto.
    A Ruby script to perform operations (cat, format, save, load, erase, copy, new) on Beta/TRDOS disk images (.TRD files) and Hobeta files. [04/07/12]